“We’re developing two new scents, and in November we will launch. And we’re really inspired by our trips and we want to name them from national parks or cities that we really like and visited. For example we have one scent that is inspired by Joshua Tree National Park in California, where they have these trees that don’t grow anywhere else in the world.” says Valérie, and Olivier chimes in, “It looks like a cactus!” they laugh, and she continues, “Yeah, it’s like a tree cactus. I don’t know it’s weird but…it didn’t have any particular scent, but just the moment we arrived at this place we were camping all of our trip. We arrived at this place and it was like sunset, like magic hour…like the most magical hour… the sky was like this most beautiful red, blue, yeah it was just incredible, and at this moment, I was like I don’t know it was like such a good memory we want to do a scent, like it won’t smell like this place, but it’s related to the feeling” http://valdarveau.tumblr.com/