Montréal Glaneur

4938 Rue Verdun

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“When I first moved to Verdun a friend dragged me to a garage sale that was put on by these vintage collectors.  So much of my house, like everything I own is from them.  So eventually she opened a little store on Verdun st and it’s just packed to the gills. And the prices are just so reasonable.” – Olivia Mew of Stay Home Club.

Montréal Glaneur is a hidden gem in the true sense of the term. Nestled among a few unassuming Verdun storefronts, the tiny little shop serves as the neighbourhood’s treasure chest full of antiques and vintage clothes. We were greeted by the shop’s friendly owner who encouraged us to take our time rummaging through various knic knacs, antique pins, framed vintage magazine ads and various housewares that were once sold from her home. If you’re planning to venture out to Verdun to visit Glaneur, it’s definitely worth the trip; our one recommendation would be we would be to allow ample time to search through the well priced assortment of antiques and goods.