4411 Notre Dame West

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L’Archive is the flagship store of renowned entrepreneur Corey Shapiro‘s Vintage Frames Company. Like Corey, L’Archive is anything but conventional. Upon entering the store you’re greeted by a grand library, chandeliers and glass cabinets featuring an array rare designer vintage frames. But don’t let the classic decor intimidate you; the middle bookshelf opens up as a secret passageway into a grown-up’s playland. This back room holds Corey’s office, vintage arcade games, a multitude of Be@rbricks collectibles, nostalgic toys and art. The showstoppig back wall of old boomboxes and VHS table were built by Corey himself.

“Back here the focus is the environment, in the front the focus is the frames. I can rock between the two spaces. The batman type door that we made: you can be Bruce Wayne then you can be Batman. How fucking cool is that?” – Corey Shapiro, on L’Archive.