Dragon Flowers

159 Rue Bernard E, Montréal

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Residents of The Mile End love Dragon Flowers, not only for the array of fresh flowers bursting out of the tiny birdcage adorned shop, but also for the woman who greets them and slips a few extra flowers into their bouquets. Tamey Lau, who’s owned the shop for 27 years is known for not only for “supersizing” a flower order but also for bestowing tidbits of wisdom and advice onto her clients; for which they are certainly grateful. In 2013, a group of Mile Enders raised over $15,000 within days, after a devastating fire destroyed much of the beloved shop. Tamey was able to get her shop up and running again with a little help from the neighbourhood that she has given so much to over the years. When we visited her shop, she assured us that business is great these days, as she was weary of our feature bringing too much attention to her shop. As she topped off our bouquet of tulips with extra wild flowers, she gave us advice and positive words for the year ahead, urging us to come back and share our progress with her. It’s no wonder she’s known by many as “the soul of the Mile End.”