Dinette Triple Crown

6704 Rue Clark, Montreal

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Upon first hearing about Dinette Triple Crown, it sounded too good to be true. Can a tiny little restaurant with only a few bar seats and standing room really trust people to lend out pretty picnic baskets full of their delicious southern US fare, complete with real cutlery, dishes and tablecloths? The restaurant operates on an honour system that customers seem more than happy to cooperate with. Here’s the drill: first order a hefty selection of food inspired by the American south. Might we suggest “The Big Nasty,” a sandwich of fried chicken and cheese served between a biscuit and smothered in gravy, maybe some brisket, sweet potatoes and collard greens? Their daily specials are also highly recommended. Ask for it to go in a picnic basket. Once your basket arrives, proceed across the street to the lovely little park and get ready to live out the picnic of your dreams. Of course don’t forget to return the picnic basket once you’re good and full. Luckily to keep our winter cravings in check, Triple Crown now also has a dining room next door, which you can book in advance once the weather gets a little too chilly for picnics. Oh and it gets better…they deliver too.