Inspired Stories from Montreal’s Creators. Take a Glimpse into their lives and favourite neighbourhood hangouts.


We are a team of individuals passionate about creativity and showcasing local talent. Lovers of all things fashion, food, music, design and most notably meeting new people, we’ve made it our mission to share the best of what Montreal has to offer. From hole-in-the-wall cafes through to up-and-coming artists and musicians, The Run-In brings you an insider’s guide to Mtl and the incredible people that live here.

Who We Are


Melanie Cheung

Melanie is well known in certain circles as ‘Iron Mel’.  She heralds from the mystical lands of Toronto and makes jewellery with woodland-nymph precision and elegance.  Today you can find her designing fashionables in the artistic city of Montreal.  Melanie loves Montreal and all of its restaurants but she loves the Slow Loris even more.



Naeme El-Zein

Naeme found her 1st style icon in the ‘Childlike Empress’ of The Never Ending Story and, her true spirit animal in it’s gregarious flying dragon, Falkor. Her own fairytale journey brought her to Montreal. A lover of design, people and Sunday brunch (in that order) -she can be found on any given day attempting to befriend strangers or in pursuit of a flattering pair of shorteralls.


Candice Dugas

Candice is an outdoor loving, hockey enthusiast, who is also unironically a lingerie designer.  She loves the city but she is truly at home when outdoors, in nature or watching the game with a few beers and good friends.  A real music connoisseur this girl takes music festivals very seriously.



Laura Julien

Laura is our resident all-things-mod loving, print and typography enthusiast.  She conquers all graphic design challenges with the skill and exactitude of a zombie apocalypse warrior.  The lovely Laura has a bit of an inner nerd, in the best ways possible, but get her rapping and you’ll see how well she can ’Work It’ (Missy Elliot reference).



Sarah Gelfand

Sarah is a level headed woman with an unnatural love for Goldie Hawn movies.  She is the epitome of nouveau boho in the best way possible.  When it comes to fashion she is a master of all trades but she is a true savant when put behind a camera.  You can find her sporting a fabulous hat any day, any season.


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Lauren Schwenker

Lauren is a creative entity by day but by night she is a hip-hop loving ninja.  Versed in the craze-metaze ways of the fashion industry she thrives on change and fast-paced adventure working as a designer.  Don’t be fooled by her innocent eyes, she has been known to create shenanigans in whatever city she finds herself in.